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Delineators are tubular or rectangular (or any other shape) posts having reflective devices mounted over it for use on the pavements, along the edge of a road, on islands and medians etc. The purpose of delineator as the name suggests is to channelize traffic and to the guide the motorists. With more than 15 different models of delineators available, we can offer the best solution to your specific needs.

These are made of different materials depending upon the application. Though there are delineators made out of FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Polymer) but the most commonly used are a combination of CRC steel and ABS plastic with appropriate reflector. GREENLITE has been continuously improving upon the design and have come up with most efficient design (unbreakable at the neck) yet suited to the Indian road conditions. This PATENTED (Patent Appl. No. 1920/DEL/2006, under Indian Patent Act: 1970) product is manufactured under license from the inventor of the device and is widely appreciated.
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