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Rumble-strips are used to alert inattentive motorists of potential danger by causing sufficient vibrations, transmitted through the wheels into the car body and audible rumbling sound to alert the driver. In India rumble-strips are usually applied at poorly lit intersections as it is visible from a distance and as well as results to reduce speed of the vehicles. Due to their multiple uses these are often known as speed breakers.

Speed-breakers are made out of strong weather resistant hardened rubber or ABS plastic capable to withstand weight and impact of the vehicles. Glass reflective lenses or high intensity cube corner reflectors are provided for better visibility during night and wet weather conditions. Grooved surface provides anti-skid contact and better grip for two wheelers. As for their use these are also quite effective at security check points such as at defence areas, restricted areas, private complexes and entry-gates to residential or commercial establishments.
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